Friday, May 1, 2009

Are European/Americans considered Caucasian/Americans?

I have been asked recently why I have not chosen the term 'European/Americans' as my point of interest. My answer has been the same for years, now. There are non white people in this group. Spain and Portugal are European countries. I have never heard anyone in America, to this day, refer to either one of these cultures as white. This blog is a specific research and study on how to identify white people, include them in the list of studies that they probably started a long time ago, and to have an acceptable title for the group. The term and title should also be accepted by the group itself, as well as the rest of the cultures in America, without causing too much negative feed back. (The last part sounds impossible to me, really. What, with all the ensuing text battles in the comment boxes all over the world wide web.) Regardless of that, the initial research for this blog must be condoned in such a way that the people, especially Caucasian/Americans, feel invited to add their opinions with out fear of harsh remarks. Which I will be monitoring through out this blogs existence.

Which means there will be a few things to consider before your comments are approved:

- What inspired your specific comment? (Feel free to copy and paste quotes from anywhere.)

- The reason why you think your comment should be posted in the public 'blogosphere,' where children, young adults and the elderly can read them. (If this was not meant for social and anthropological studies, I wouldn't give a...)

- Why you think your comment will improve relations between all cultures.

- Profanity, I don't mind...unless it offends someone grotesquely. You may use * to censor your own profanity, if you like. Otherwise comment will not be approved until re edited.

That's all, hopefully. I'm sure this will be mayhem at some point. The comment box is like the 'Enter the Dragon' of on line text arenas. Brave are the meek who the inherit the earth, laptop by laptop...
And don't forget to remember that...
...African/Americans, Asian/Americans, Latin/Americans, European/Americans,Pacific Island/Americans, Other/Americans and even Canine/Americans are already established collegiate courses.
'Exclusion' of Caucasian/Americans was the reason I started this blog .
Why Caucasian/Americans, of all people? Still doesn't make sense to me, yet.
Hopefully it will one day...

And no...I wasn't serious about Canine/Americans.
But maybe someone else will start that blog.
Who knows?

And is the very first 'blog-item' and feed back offered to me by my friend and cafe' colleague, Tim. We are not students of the street. We are students on the street. I told him about this blog and his response was the beginning of an entire repertoire of horrible accounts from 'white' American history. But before he could get all wound up, I interrupted him, politely and said," that way, Tim. The other way..." He, impressively stopped on a dime with a sinister grin and replied,
"...Oh...the OTHER way... "
We both both nodded with a smile...and then I walked home.

That afternoon I got this in my e mail.
Thank you Tim!

Tim happens also to be Caucasian/American
and it seems he understands
what the heck I'm trying to do here!

This shall continue...


  1. No. White people come from Europe, Black people come from Africa, Middle Eastern people come from the Middle East, Americans (American Indians) come from the Americas (North and South America), Asian people come from Asia, and Latinos come from Latin America (South America and Central America. Get it right! Stop using the name Caucausian, it doesn't make any sense using that's silly. If you can put every other ethnic group in a certain category do the same for white or European people also. White Americans are European Americans...point blank. Let this be the new form for ethnic groups:

    What ethnicity are you?
    -White or European American
    -Black or African American
    -Asian, Indian, or Asian American
    -Hispanic, Latino, or South American
    -Middle Eastern
    -Alaskan or Pacific Islander

  2. You forgot Ape. We are all from Apes. Unless you decide to start the stopwatch a little later. Then, this graph makes sense. OR...we are currently these ethnic groups. But science has proven we are Africans. So this chart is pretty much senseless and has been for quite some time now.

  3. The cartoon is funny. I think the study of the Caucasian from a postive perspective would be enlightening.